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Yixin Li, grown up in a rocket base in Northern China watching mushroom clouds all the time, determined to become a physicist when he was a boy. He later received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from the Peking University and went to University of Michigan for graduate school. Joining Dr. Larry Antonuk, his advisor and inventor of the flat panel detectors, Mr. Li became the expert in radiation detection technologies. After coming back to China, Mr. Li designed, manufactured and commercially sold the very first amorphous silicon flat panel detector in China, after which China has become one of the few countries that can produce such products.

Dreaming to build a great, long-lasting company and serve the world with valuable products and technologies, Mr. Li founded Shanghai PZMedical Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013 and started his journey of innovation and creation. Within just 3 years, he has led his team through product design, development and manufacturing and now PZM's detector is being sold globally and installed in every continent. Persisting and constantly striving for perfection, Mr. Li will change the future of digital x-ray in China and the world.

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